Friday, January 25, 2013

Challenge Day 24 & 25: Is it easy to Share my Post ?

Good Morning ...

I am up at feeling much better today. I'm still one day off with my posts for the Blogging Challenge, but I am here to play catch up again!

The writing prompt for today is simply:
Write a post asking your readers how easy it is to share your posts

So I'm asking... How easy is it to share my posts?
I've tried to make my blog as share-able as possible. One of the first gadgets I add was the Wibiya Toolbar. This toolbar is located at the very bottom of the screen and it comes up as soon as the blog opens. There are several toolbars and gadgets out there that will help to make your blog share-able. But, I chose Wibiya because everything I need is is located on the toolbar.
I'll even tell you what each share-able icon is on the toolbar. So when you visit, you can share the posts that you feel have valuable information or inspirational advice.
You can share via:( From left to right)

  1. Email - The envelope
  2. FaceBook
  3. Twitter
  4. Google Plus
  5. Linked
  6. Pinterest for interesting images
Those are the six share-able icons.

And over to the far right are the buttons that are an added feature I really like!

  1. You have the Latest Content button that looks like a written document, if you click that button it shows you right in the Wibiya toolbar the various posts that have been written recently, with a hyper-link to take you to the article.
  2. Next is the FaceBook stream button, this button expands in the Wibiya Toolbar and shows you the latest activity on the Designs by Hebrew Hands Facebook fan page.
  3. Next is another subscription button, you can subscribe with Google+, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, or subscribe by email.
  4. And the last button, again... LIKE ME on Facebook! LOL This is the social media forum that I will be spending the majority of my time on for now. If you ever need to reach me, more than likely you can find me there!

Again I ask ... How easy is it to share my posts?

Before you go... Make sure you subscribe and will you click on the last button on the far right, and Like my Facebook fan page if you haven't already!!

Until this evening...
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