Friday, July 31, 2015

Help me to Complete my Degree

I need 400 referrals to pay for my tuition and get back to completing my communications degree, it doesn't cost you a thing. Just a few moments to sign up... I have over 300 friend on my Twitter & Facebook accounts. I'm 8 classes away, and am I asking for your simple assistance...

I took time off to homeschool my youngest and she is now well on her way!! I get $5 for every referral, you can use it if you like, and the rebates do work, I am on a serious mission right now!!

I want to see if, I can do this, with your help of course! You will see this post everyday 5times a day until I reach my goal or you block me...LOL All Supporters will be Invited to the Graduation Party, so that you can see what your 2 minute sign up helped US to achieve!! Just click the link below & Join now!!

I want to help Cassie A Graduate!!

Bless You & Thank-You!!