Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Challenge Day 16: Who are you Following on Twitter?

Good Evening my Crafting Comrades!

Its Challenge Day 16, and I am still just as excited as if it were day 1!

As you all know by now, Sara gives us a prompt each day for the participants to blog on. And our prompt for today is :
Write a post about the top five people you follow on Twitter and why you enjoy reading their tweets.

I just created a Twitter account on January 7th. Like Sara over at Crochet Business Blogging, I have a number of people that I am following. I am following other Fiber Artist( my new title!), crochet magazines, and seasoned bloggers. I don't have any favorites right now, because I am new to Twitter, and I'm getting to know Twitter personalities.

I have retweeted though. I've retweeted because either the person has inspired me on some level, they have shared information I think other up & coming Fiber Artist should know, or I am trying to show support to someone I've started to build a relationship with.

This was short and to the point post, as I get to know Twitter and use it more frequently I'm sure I'll find that I read some tweets more than others.

As always until tomorrow...
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