Friday, January 18, 2013

Challenge Day17: Engaging

Good Morning my fellow crafters!!

I have had an awesome and busy week!!
I am still eagerly anticipating the birth of my future Grand-Daughter In-law,(her mom had false labor earlier this week), I received my first crochet order, and my grandson came to visit a day early( and he is very fussy this week) and so I am a day off with my blog. But I am back today, to play catch up!

Our challenge day 17 writing prompt is:
My Top Three Steps of Engagement for 2013

My Top 3 Steps of Engagement for 2013 are, to be even more active on Pinterest, continued interaction on my Facebook Fan page, and become a Twitter Social Butterfly!

I love using Pinterest as means of engaging and promoting my blog, because It's visual! I am a visual learner in general and pretty colors attract me!! I have found that I am becoming a Pinterest junkie, and because you can connect your website or blog to your Pinterest account, I think with the proper pinned items, people will visit your site or blog and ask questions, see what you're writing about, and leave you comments!

I'm already a Facebook addict, there isn't a day that I wake up that I do not interact with someone on FaceBook! What better place for me to engage an audience, than on FaceBook! Although I've never used it for business purposes until now, I am already familiar and comfortable with their platform. So, if you haven't already liked my FaceBook Page please do so, because here you will be able to contact me at some point during the day!

I am completely new to the world of Twitter. I want to use Twitter as a means of engagement, because I can add the Twitter application to my phone, which will give me a connection even when I am away from my computer. Plus when I'm out and about sale yarn shopping, I can just Tweet to followers & friends!

These are my 3 steps of engagement for 2013!
Am I on the right track?
Let me know fellow crafters, I would love to hear from you!
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