Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Challenge Day 21: Crochet Forums

Good Evening my fellow crafters!

I am a little off schedule, so I need to play catch up again. I have been feeling a little under the weather the past couple days, and right now I'm in a moment of I feel a little better so I'll do my Day 21 Challenge Post.

Although I am feeling a bit under the weather, and making up Day 21 of the Challenge let me tell you... over all I am STILL excited about what's going on with Designs by Hebrew Hands!

Yesterday I actually held my first Linky Party, and I was totally enthused about it! I didn't have as many participants as I would have liked, but I think 2 is good for my first time out! So, I'd like to thank Michelle over at Milahas Handcrafts, and the Spicy Knitter for both stopping by and showing beginning blogger support on my first Linky Party!

Day 21 Challenge Prompt was to:
Write a List post featuring 5 forums you frequent or would like to frequent this year for your crochet blog or business.

I haven't frequented any crochet forums as of yet,however upon the recommendation of the Blog Challenge Sponsor Sara I have chosen to only sign up for these three!

Sara has this to say about my top 3 choices:

  • Hookey.Org- This is owned by Laurie of Crochet Liberation Front. You'll find a great little community where you can chat with other crocheters, business owners, and designers. You can have a Hookey blog, post pictures of your projects, ask questions about crochet business or designing. There is also a chat feature so you can chat with users who are online when you are. An optional paid membership site on CLF includes eCourses, special printables, articles and webinars.
  • Ravelry - This is a mixed fiber arts forum with some crocheters. I find most people to be knitters as it started as a knitters community. (owner is a knitter) It is the number one source for all things patterns, yarn, knitting and crochet. A fun place to hang. You do need to sign up for a membership.( I actully have had a membership with them for a little while)
  • Crochetville -a long time crochet forum for crocheters. They now have a great website that features resources for those who want to design patterns and learn more about managing and owning a crochet business. They have a new pattern directory so do add your free patterns to that.
  • I chose each of these forums because I am at a point in my crocheting where I am interested in learning to design my own patterns.

    And while I'm speaking on Designing Patterns, be sure to subscribe, because on Friday February 1st, I will have host my first guest blogger Michelle of Milahs Handcrafts, and she will be talking about "How to Design Crochet Patterns."

    Until later ...

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