Monday, January 28, 2013

It's been a Long Weekend... Whew

Good Evening my fellow Crafting Comrades!!

We have just three days left in the 31 Days of Crochet Blog Challenge, and I have to tell you, I have truly learned a lot and met some great people!

I've had an extremely busy weekend! My grandson was here for his weekend visit. And the long anticipated arrival of my future Grand-Daughter In-Law is now over, as she officially made her earthly debut last night! Miss Aubrey Karlene Guyton entered the world at 9:39 p.m, weighing in at 6lb.,6oz. and 20 inches long. We are so excited she's here and healthy!! I'm looking forward to my first grandma playdate! LOL

With all the excitement this past weekend, I find myself, again playing catch-up on the blog challenge, but I'm doing it with even more of a thrill today!
Our Day 26 Post was to:

Invite your reader to comment on your blog

So at the end of the post I will do just that. I didn't want to do it here, trying to make the blog "flow".

Our day Day 27 post was:

What are your thoughts on backing up your blog? Records for your business? Write a post on what you think you need to keep track of this year. (income, receipts, charity giving, blog backups, etc)

Unfortunately, last week the blog sponsors blog was taken down, because of alleged spamming. But fortunately, she had backed up her blog the night before.(Divine Intervention) Sara had been sharing with the challenge participants, the benefits of why we should obtain a self-hosted blog, and she gave the example of this:
"Can you imagine owning a house and having someone come by and say “Ma'am... you can't paint your bathroom that color. And, we can't allow you to have a Tupperware party, either. Oh, and by the way, we'll be moving your home in the next 24 hours and all of your addresses will need to be changed.”

Right now, I am not in the position to pay for a self-hosted blog, but I just added it to my goals! By the end of the year, I will have a self-hosted blog. But until then, I will back up my blog daily. I'm new and I know that I've put in some hard work the last 28 Days for the challenge and I would hate to lose any of this information.
Also, based on the recommendations of commenter Vikki Hooks on the post
My Next Step Is I actually went out and purchased a 4 Column Ledger, to keep track of income and expenses the old fashioned way. I also have a portable file box, that I keep right next to my desk to file my receipts once I've logged them in the ledger. I think this will suffice for now, as I am really just getting the basics organized, I can't see needing an accountant for my first year of operation.

And to get me all caught up on the challenge is our Day 28 prompt which is:

Why I Love Crochet enough to build a business around it? Set up analytics for this page to track traffic for the next 7 days. (promote this post actively) After seven days, return to the post and share your results.

I love crochet enough to build a business around it because I think I'm actually good at it! I'm not trying to get rich off selling crochet, but I think I do quality work and I may have a niche. ( Detail forthcoming)

I have set up my analytics for my own blog, and I'm sure with a little research I can set up analytics for another blog. So I'll be back in 7 days to share my results.

And as I draw the post for the evening to a close, I now go back to day Day 26 and invite you to please share your thoughts, comments, concerns, and possible improvements on the Designs by Hebrew Hands blog, all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Until tomorrow...