Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My First Real Blog!!! O Happy Day....

I'v attempted to write a blog on two other occasions, and never followed through. I wasn't sure what I should write about or better yet if people would even be interested in what I'd have to say. Well I'm back for the third attempt & this time I know exactly what I'll write about... CROCHET!!

Yep, this blog will be on my re-newed interest in crocheting.. I want to share new projects, completed ones, new stitch techniques I've learned, friends I've made and designs I've created!!

Perhaps an introduction is the best way to start. :) My name will soon be Labiya ZaMarah Yasharahla, ( I say soon because it's not legal yet...) I live in Detroit, MI. I am a wife, mother of four young adults (one is a twin with Cerebral Palsy), a grandmother to a beautiful little boy (Grands loves you CJ!!). I homeschool my youngest daughter (15). I have two dogs (Skrappie & Sparky), I love to cook, read and study the Bible, and yes CROCHET!!

I first learned to crochet as a young girl, maybe 12 or so.( I taught myself then too) I made blankets and hats and then I stopped up until about three years ago. I went to visit a friend and her daughter was crocheting. And I remembered " HEY... I use to crochet..." Needless to say, I left her house and went and bought yarn and needles and started all over again.

It's been within this last year though that I've really had this overwhelming desire to crochet even more!! Crocheting has definitely become an addiction for me. I have to do something pertaining to crocheting daily, whether it be, working on a project, searching for a new pattern, watching @Teresa Richardson on You_tube, I have to have a dose!!

I'm so loving crocheting now, that I've decided to make it my business! And to help me get going in the right direction, I've signed up for the 31 Days of Blogging Challenge with @Sara Duggan.

The challenge starts today and so I guess, I should go ahead and jump right into Day 1's challenge....

My business is crocheting. I will make hats, lap-throws, clothing and accessories. I will sell my products online at Designs by Hebrew Hands, and offline by word of mouth for the moment. I'm not exactly sure what all of my job duties are at the moment, which is why I signed up for the challenge. To network and learn what exactly I need to do before I launch off into this newest project.

Well, that's it! That was my assignment for Day 1. Pretty simple huh?

At this moment, I feel like I might need to wrap this up!! Where as two weeks ago, I couldn't think of a thing to write, I now feel like I cant stop... LOL

Until tomorrow fellow hookers... Shalam !!!