Thursday, January 10, 2013

Challenge Day 10: Who am I talking to?

Good evening my fellow crafts people!!

We are well under way with the 31 Days of Crochet Blog challenge with Sara Duggan. And if you haven't been to Sara's page then you are missing out on a wealth of crochet information!

Todays prompt is:
My readers like _____ posts the best. Knowing this I will write about _______ and _______ in 2013.

Sara says that in order for us to know what our readers are enjoying about our posts, we need to look at our blog stats. Keeping in mind that I am a new blogger, I went and checked my numbers here on Blogger and what I found were these results:

  • So far today (4:50pm EST) I've had 32 page visits.
  • Yesterday I had 49 page visits.
  • My 10 day total of visits is 476.
  • My most viewed topic was Challenge Day 3 - My Business Goals & Objectives for 2013 (66 views), followed by Identifying a Target Audience(59 views) & 3rd was Challenge Day 7 - My next step is...
  • If I am reading the numbers correctly, so far the audience is interested in the goals & objectives of a start-up crochet business, how to identify a target audience, and what happens after a person receives their business license and EIN. I'd take this information and in 2013, continue writing and sharing blogs on the process of starting up a crochet business.

    Sara also says that another way to identify your readers is through surveys. By posting or emailing surveys to your readers, allows you to get to know your readers more intimately and cater your blog to their interests. She says " Knowing your reader’s financial status can help you price your work appropriately. Many artists, crocheters in particular, under sell their work."

    There are several companies out there that will help you to create FREE, professional surveys. Like Kwik Surveys, or Survey Monkey . Both are free start up accounts and can be upgraded at a later date.