Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Challenge Day 9: Themes & Things

Good evening all!!

Its challenge day 9, and our writing prompt for today is: I will post___ days a week. I'll participate in ___ linky's and ___ challenges.

Oookay... so this morning I sat down to work on the challenge post, and had a moment.

" What in the world is that?"

I mentioned to you all in an earlier post that I've attempted to blog before and never followed through, so I'm a little blog writing challenged.(for now!)

What is the world is a linky? I had no idea this morning! Needless to say I had to set off on a Google expedition! I traveled to four sites, before I found one, that made it clear to me.

A linky is where readers share links from the host site back to their blog post & vice versa. It's a good way to meet other crochet bloggers and bring additional traffic to your blog.

There are quite a few places you can sign up for a linky service. There is LinkyTools , and LinkyFollowers but the one I chose to go with is

All three of these choices are free, but if you choose to upgrade of course there is a cost. I chose inLinkz, because I am on a small budget and they actually will bill you $1.99 per month(or $19.99 a year) for the use of their service, and you can cancel at anytime! You get an unlimited thumbnails collection, tutorials, full moderation of links, its iPhone & Android compatible and you get a commission for referring friends!

It took me about an hour to find out about linky and its benefits, and I'm glad I did, I learned something new today!

Now my next adventure was to find out what WIP, and FO meant. This one took a little less time. Sara actually told us what FO meant (Finished Object) but I had to know what WIP meant! So off I went!! I actually connected to one of Sara's linky links, ( can I say that?), with Tami Ami and her Finished Object Friday, and there (Yippie!!) I found out what WIP means! (Yay... go me!) WIP is Work In Progress!!

So now that I know what a linky is, what WIP & FO means I can proceed with the blog post for the day!!

I will post 3 days a week, I'll participate in 4 linkys per month(1 per week) , and 6 challenges per year( 1 every two months).

Once I get familiar with the inLinkz dashboard, I'll be hosting my first give-away!!
Stay-Tuned & Until tomorrow my sistern crocheters...