Sunday, January 13, 2013

Challenge Day 13: 50 Bucks!

Good evening fellow crafts people.

We are in day 13 of the Business Blog Challenge, and yes... I am still excited!

I have learned so much over the last 13 days, I sometimes feel as if my head may pop off. ( Over exaggeration!!) But I have taken in a lot of very useful information on the world of crochet business blogging. I've had to re-edit my schedule twice, and this last time was so that I could include a set time for blog visits.

Well as you already know, Sara gives the participants a blog prompt each day and todays prompt is:
I want to make ___ per month from my blog this year. In order to accomplish this goal I will need to do ___, ___, and ___.

I had to sit and think what a realistic goal for me as a beginning blogger, with 3 years of crochet experience is. I am not trying to get rich here, just bring in some additional income. So I came up with $50.00! That's right... I want to make $50.00 dollars per month from my blog this year. And if I make more that would be wonderful, and if I make less, that would be ok too, because I haven't set a really outlandish goal for myself. ( Think small & grow bigger!)

In order for me to accomplish this goal I will definitely need to increase blog traffic, consider moving to a paid-hosted site, sell more crocheted items, sell PDF patterns, and/or PDF books.

But before any of this can happen I have to generate more crochet content. Interesting crochet content = more traffic, more traffic = more viewers, more viewers = sells!

So, for now I will continue writing out a list of topics that I am blogging on after I complete the challenge!

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Until tomorrow...