Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Challenge Day 14: Lets Talk Numbers

Umm ...so I missed yesterdays post. Had a few errands to run, and by the time I got back home, I was completely worn out. But I'm back today to make up for it!

Yesterday was challenge day 14 and our prompt was to:

List your current blog stats. i.e. Rss subscribers, sales, newsletter subscribers, comments, etc...

I just got my Google Analytics to work 3 days ago!! Right in time to work on this particular post.

  • RSS Subscribers - 3
  • Sales - $0.00
  • Newsletter Subscribers - 0
  • Comments - Lots... I just have to figure out my Google Analytics More!
  • So, my numbers are rather small right now, ( But they'll be better by the end of the year!!) and I'm just fine with that! Considering I'm new to the blogging scene (15 days new actually) and still in a learning phase, I'm excited to have 3 RSS subscribers. ( Perhaps a celebratory purchase of yarn?) To me that's a good thing, it means that 3 people out there are willing to read what I have to share, or be supportive and either way... I'm happy!

    I would like to have at least 500 RSS Subscribers, by the end of the year, 100 newsletter subscribers, $600.00+ in sells, and comments daily on posts.

    This is a year of learning for me. Learning all that I can about blogging, and especially blogging for my business. I can't expect to have newsletter subscribers, if I dont have a newsletter YET! And it's the same with sales, I haven't posted anything for sell yet as I have a ton of work to do, just to get my site up and running properly. Making the items to sell, that's the easiest part! Getting people to visit the page, and keeping them here long enough read information and to want to purchase an item, is my biggest goal for this year!

    Well until later this evening my fellow crafting comrades...
    Oh yea... And don't forget to subscribe!! It's upper right for an email, and bottom for the RSS Feed.
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