Thursday, January 3, 2013

Challenge Day 3

Good Day Fellow Hookers!!

It's Day 3 of the 31 Day's of Crochet Business Blog Challenge and I'm checking-in and feeling better!

Todays assignment is to share my objectives for 2013 by writing a declaration post and how I will celebrate reaching them. Sara shared with us yesterday, that there is a difference between a goal and an objective. A goal is where you want you business to go and a objective is the progress or markers or proof that you've met your goals.

Again, today's challenge too took some time. I had to ask myself, how am I REALLY going to accomplish my goals??

  • I declare that in order for I... ZaMarah to achieve my 9 goals by December 2013, that I will work on a rough draft of a business plan myself and then on the advice of the challenge sponsor contact my local SCORE Chapter, so that I will have a developed business plan.
  • I will visit my local library and bookstores to find as many books as I can on HTML. Resulting in a better visually appealing blog page.
  • I will set-up Google analytics, talk to my neighbors, friends and family to see what they think would be good information to highlight in a monthly newsletter. Resulting in a quality monthly newsletter.

  • I will learn how to up-load videos to my blog page, learn my video camera, learn lighting set-up and sound, resulting in at least one quality crochet tutorial video on my blog page.

  • I will increase my on-line portfolio as well as look into local craft shows and flea markets, resulting in 12 personal sells.

  • I will actually schedule blogging into my regular daily evening schedule, in order for me to have a post ready for the next morning (or at least 3x's a week). Resulting in regular blogging.

  • I will try to display an ability to write clearly and concisely on my own blog, so that others who may be looking for guest bloggers will be inclined to ask or, I will just ask other crafters if they are in need of a guest blogger. Resulting in atleast one guest blog opportunity.

  • I will network with other pattern designers, utilize and familiarize myself with the standardized Craft Yarn Councils knit and crochet symbols in order to design at least one pattern. Resulting in the designing of at least one of my own patterns.

  • I will sell at least 1 self-designed pattern because my husband is going to buy my very first pattern!! :0)

  • All accomplished goals & objectives will be celebrated with " MORE YARN " purchases!!