Friday, January 4, 2013

What's Important as A Business Owner

Good afternoon World!! We are entering into Day 4 of the Business Blog challenge and I find that I am totally excited this afternoon!!

Todays blog prompt challenge is: What's Important to Me as A Business Owner? And 3 things every business owner should know.

Well, before I became a business owner, I was a customer! And my role as a customer will always dictate my role as a business owner. This is my own golden rule for business. As a customer I expect certain treatment. I expect humility, fairness, honesty and politeness. And this is exactly what I am offering my customers whether they are on-line or off.

  • Humility - will show the customer that even though I may own the business, I am an average, everyday, person just as they are.
  • Fairness - when I spend my husbands' hard earned money on something, we want what he pays for, so my customers will receive the same!
  • Honesty - if I don't have an item or can't make the item, I'll tell the customer, that will give them an option of choosing something else or going else where. It's only right!
  • Politeness - I WILL treat each customer individually! This is of the utmost importance to me. I've spent more than 20 years in the customer service industry, and one of my pet peeves, is when a service representative allows the actions of a previous customer to dictate their interaction with the new customer. Each customer deserves to be greeted, with a smile and pleasantries!
  • These 4 things( I know the challenge said 3...LOL) every business owner should know. And if used, I honestly believe that you will have customers who are happy, satisfied, willing to shop with you again, willing to recommend your business to friends and family, and these are important to me as a business owner.