Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 5: Identifying a Target Audience

Good Evening all!!

It's Day 5 of the Business Blog Challenge with Sara Duggan. Todays blog prompt deals with marketing. Who will I market to? Online? Offline? Businesses?

Marty Diamond in his article 4 Tips for Identifying Your Ideal Customer says that, "If your target market is “everyone,” then you not only have a business model that will likely limp along or fail entirely, but you’ve also misunderstood the goal of marketing."

Diamond suggests that you:

  1. Become a specialist by finding a niche that hasn't been filled and become the best provider of that product or service.
  2. Do your homework by knowing what your ideal customer looks like, feels, thinks.
  3. Write a description of that ideal customer.
  4. Create different personas, as you will have different buyer types.

At this moment I haven't quite figured out one area that I would specialize in, based on Mr. Diamonds suggestion, I have narrowed it down to 3 products.

In using his model, I did create what I thought my ideal customer would "look" like. She would be the customer that I marketed to both on and off-line, as well as the same type of business owner I would search out.

My ideal customer would be a God fearing woman, between the ages of 25-50. She reads and studies the Bible. Typically she is a wife and stay-at-home mom. She likes reading, spiritual music, and Sci-Fi movies. She enjoys her job as a wife and mom, because it allows for her to always be available for her husband and children. She dreams of someday owning her own business. She's a grounded and humble woman, but incomplete chores will keep her up at night. She's looking for my business because she appreciates one of a kind, quality hand crafted work, that has been covered with prayer through out the creation process.

I'm working on the different personas, and different buyer types. But I'd love to hear what the readers are thinking at this point. So tell me, What kind of "twist" should I add to my "ideal customer"?

Looking forward to all feedback, but until tomorrow... Have a great evening :)